Money Services


Check Cashing

We cash all checks of any amount! Stop by our convenient location today to cash your check. Cashing checks in the Kansas City area is fast and easy. We're open 6 days a week for your convenience!

cash advance

Cash Advances

Payday loans and Installment loans provide you cash when you need it the most. At Waldo Financial, we make it fast, convenient, easy and affordable. Apply for a cash advance loan now using the loan application form.

money orders

Money Orders

Money Orders are a safe and convenient way to send cash through the mail. Send money safely with a Western Union Money Order. Purchase one today at our convenient location. Send up to $1,000 in a single money order.

income tax refund

Bill Pay Services

Do you like to pay your bills in cash? That's no problem at Waldo Financial. We are an authorized pay station for Evergy and Spire. Your payments will post immediately with a confirmation number. In addition, we can pay multiple other utilities such as KC Water, Dish, Spectrum, AT&T, and more. Fees and posting times vary.

western union

Western Union Money Transfers

Would you like to send money to someone you love? Want to send payments for your auto, credit card or insurance? Now you can when you use Western Union Money Transfer. Drop by our convenient location now to transfer money.


Income Tax Refund Check Cashing

Tired of the bank holding your money before you get get the cash in your hands? Try the Waldo Financial Income Tax Refund Check Cashing Service. Waldo has large amounts of cash on hand to cash your tax refund check - large or small.

visa debit card

NEXSCARD Reloadable Prepaid Visa

Now you can get all the benefits of a credit card, but without all the hassles and the hidden fees that go with it. Use a NEXSCARD reloadable prepaid Visa Card and get paid faster with direct deposit. Up to 3 days early when government benefits payments are directly deposited to your Visa debit card.

income tax refund

Faxing Copy and Miscellaneous Services

Need to send a fax or make a quick copy of a document. We do that too! And don't forget your stamps. At Waldo Financial we are your one stop shop. Stop by today to get all your money service needs met. Fees apply.