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Q. What is a payday loan?

A. Payday loans, pay day loans and cash advance loans are a convenient way to obtain a short term personal loan intended to cover expenses until your next payday. You should evaluate the costs and benefits of all alternatives before borrowing.

Q. How much can I borrow with a pay day loan?

A. You can borrow up to $500.00 with each payday loan or cash advance loan. The exact amount is contingent upon income level and various payday loan underwriting criteria. There are times when you may not be able to borrow as much as you would like, but a payday loan should be just a part of a short-term financial solution.

Q. What is the cost of borrowing?

A. The total cost of a payday loan or pay day loan depends on the amount borrowed and your history with the lending company. The cost will be explicitly stated to you in a loan document prior to you making any commitment.

Q. Is my payday loan application secure and confidential?

A. The payday loan application is confidential, and your personal information will be treated accordingly. Look for the lock icon at the bottom of your browser to insure a secure form. We take our customers’ desire for privacy in managing their personal finances very seriously.

Q. How long will it take for me to get approved?

A. Once your cash advance loan or payday loan application is submitted, you will receive instant notification of your approval, pending verification with customer service. To increase the success of your loan application, please only apply to this one website and payoff any outstanding cash advances in a timely manner.

Q. How do I receive my cash advance?

A. Once your payday loan or cash advance loan is approved, we will contact you to pickup your cash advance at our convenient Kansas City cash advance location.

Q. Do I need any collateral or at least good credit rating?

A. No collateral is required for a payday loan or cash advance loan. If you have bad credit, a bankruptcy, or no credit at all, a cash advance may be the perfect solution for you.

Q. When will the loan be due? Can I extend the loan due date?

A. Generally the loan is due on your next payday. If you find yourself needing extra money after your first advance, you may pay the finance charge and a minimum of $50 towards the loan principal, then extend the payday loan until the next payday.

Q. Once the payday loan is paid off, how soon can I get another loan?

A. You can apply for a new loan immediately after your existing payday loan is paid off. We generally recommend that you wait 3 business days to reapply for a new pay day loan or cash advance loan.

Q. What are the implications of late payment or non-payment?

A. If you do not make a loan payment by your due date, we will attempt to contact you using one or more authorized methods, including phone calls, emails, and text messages to arrange for payment. In addition, we may re-present any returned payments to your bank in accordance with your loan agreement, applicable law, and regulatory requirements we may assess a returned item fee of $10 as permitted by state law. You may also incur a fee from your bank or credit union.

Waldo Financial will then attempt to contact you in order to make alternate payment arrangements. The customer may also incur additional fees. Specific late and non payment fee's include a $10.00 Return Item Fee and a Late Fee of 5% of the principal loan amount after 15 days. For more information on late and non payment fees please check your actual final loan disclosure documents.

Q. What is your policy on responsible lending?

A. Waldo Financial commits to you that short-term cash advance loan products offered are issued in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. We strive to provide you, our consumer, the greatest level of fairness and transparency available. This is a short-term loan intended to help you meet your immediate needs. It is not designed to help you meet longer-term financial needs. If you extend or refinance this loan, it will result in additional charges. We strongly encourage you to only borrow the amount you need and repay it as soon as possible. We are members of United Payday Lenders of Missouri which is committed to serving and educating consumers in Missouri.

Q. What is the APR for Waldo Financial payday loans?

A. The APR for Waldo Financial payday loans is 469.29%. Click here for more detail regarding our Rates and Fees.