Cashing Your Check at Waldo Financial Is Easy, Convenient, and Affordable.

Waldo Financial has been cashing checks since 1999. It’s fast and easy and our check cashing rates are low.

We cash all sort of checks including:

Payroll checks
Cashier Checks
401 K and Retirement Checks
Government Checks
Insurance Drafts or Checks
Money Orders
Tax Refund Checks
Personal Checks
Out-of-State Checks

Why Is Waldo Financial Kansas City’s #1 Stop to Cash Your Check?

Experience matters.

Our small staff has 42 years of combined check cashing experience.

We’re locally-owned and operated.

We don’t need permission from corporate HQ to cash a check. We know how to cash checks. We’re not scared.

Cash is king.

We almost always have the cash available to cash any size check. If you have a large check to cash, just call us and we’ll let you know if we can handle it. We are Kansas City’s large check cashing specialist.

Call us for a quote.

We’ll tell you exactly what our fee will be to cash your check. Will the other guys?

Bottom line.

Our competitors CAN’T do what we do. Save yourself time and frustration. Call us FIRST.

Destini had a large Title Company check.

Destini and her boyfriend had a $13,000 check from a Title Company for the sale of their house. Fortunately, they had the closing document we require to cash these types of checks. We were able to quickly get the check verified with the title company and cash the check. We were the third check casher they had visited to cash the check. Third time is a charm. Don’t waste your valuable time. Call us FIRST.

Dwayne had a large Insurance check.

Dwayne had cashed a $45,000 United States Treasury check with us about ten months earlier. He was expecting a very large check from a well-known insurance company. Dwayne called us, explained the situation and asked if we could cash the insurance check. We told him we could, if he helped us by taking one simple precaution. Dwayne agreed and we were able to get his check verified and cashed. He walked with cash for his entire check, less our fee. Cash is king.

Deanthony cashed a Payroll check our competitors couldn't.

Deanthony walked in to our lobby at 3:00 pm on Saturday afternoon. He had a payroll check from a well-known national employer. His check was still attached to the stub, currently dated and had not been endorsed. Deanthony was frustrated. He had just left one of our competitors who spent an hour trying to contact the corporate HR Department to verify the check. We’ve cashed enough of this employer’s checks to see in a few seconds that it was fine and we cashed the check. Experience matters.

Mike cashed a large inheritance check.

Mike is a businessman who had cashed several business checks with us in the past. He recently called about cashing a $54,000 inheritance check he was expecting to receive. Since Mike is very busy and our location is out of his way, we called the maker to find out what hours of the day they were available to verify these types of checks. We told Mike if he brought the check in before 4:00 pm, we should be able to get it verified and cashed, which we did. It took about five minutes. We are Kansas City’s large check cashing specialist.

We Cash Checks Others Don't.

Cash flow management can be a challenge in today's credit-driven world. This is especially true for small to medium sized businesses. That's why Waldo Financial provides business check cashing services to help businesses with the cash flow they need, when they need it most.

Waldo Financial fast-tracks the commercial check cashing process to provide you immediate access to working capital. We make your funds available instantly via cash or a NexsCard prepaid card. Cash is loaded onto the card for your debit and credit card transactions.

We keep your business moving with Waldo Financials business check cashing and cash flow services.

Waldo Financial - The Best Check Cashing Solution in Kansas City

Waldo Financial will cash checks many traditional financial institutions and other check cashing services won’t cash. Our convenient location is open 6 days a week for your convenience.

We value your check cashing business and we’re willing to earn it. That’s why Waldo Financial check cashing is easy and convenient to cash almost any type of check.

Are you ready to cash a check? Simply bring in your check, not endorsed, and a picture ID to our safe and convenient location at 8437 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO and walk out with your cash.

Cashing large checks in the Kansas City area is no problem. Stop by our convenient office today to cash your checks.

Fees apply for check cashing services. Please contact Waldo Financial at 816-333-6800 for additional details.