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Sell Your Gold. We Buy Gold in Kansas City

Waldo Financial Pays 2 to 3 Times More Money for Your Gold In Kansas City

Do you need cash for your gold? Are you thinking of selling your gold for cash in Kansas City?

If so, here are the top 3 reasons why Waldo Financial is the best "we buy gold" store in Kansas City:

#1. Receive a Phone Quote for Your Gold

There seems to be a lot of mysteries associated with selling your gold in Kansas City. We're not sure why. We recently phoned many of the Kansas City area "we buy gold" stores asking for a quote for our gold. None would tell us how much they're paying for gold on any given day. Instead, they required that we visit their store location before they would give us any information.

When we walked into their store, they gave us a verbal quote, but then refused to put that quote in writing.

What a hassle.

When you sell your gold at Waldo Financial of Kansas City, you can phone-in ahead of time and ask us how much we're paying for gold. The international price of gold fluctuates daily so it's nice to know the price we'll pay you before you walk into a store to sell your gold.

Call Waldo Financial at 816-333-6800 now for your "we buy gold" quote.

#2. Your Gold in Grams; Not Pennyweight

How much cash you get for your gold depends on the weight of your gold. Most jewelers value gold not by the ordinary ounce (28 grams), but by the "Troy" ounce (31.1 grams). However, most "we buy gold" stores use "Pennyweight" (1.555 grams) instead to weigh your gold. Then they pay you by "ounce" so that they can pay you less money for your gold.

How confusing is that?

At Waldo Financial, we weigh your gold right in front of you using "grams", just like the rest of the world does. We then give you a written quote in plain English that details the exact calculations we use when we offer to buy your gold. You can sell us the gold on the spot, or you can walk out the door with a quote in hand instead.

Call Waldo Financial at 816-333-6800 now for your "we buy gold" quote.

#3. Walk Out with 2 to 3 Times More Cash For Your Gold

Most Kansas City area "we buy gold" stores are good, legitimate businesses. (We know because we sold them our gold!) However, "buying gold" is all they do. Therefore, they can't afford to pay you much for your gold because they have huge overhead costs to cover.. costs for their big store, their big sign and their very big advertising campaigns.

At Waldo Financial, we've been in business over 14 years offering services like payday loans, cash advance loans, and check cashing services. Those services cover our overhead costs and allow us to pay you 2 to 3 times more for your gold.

And the best part is that you walk out the door with cash in hand for your gold. There's never a check to cash for selling your gold.

Are you ready to sell your gold?

Call Waldo Financial at 816-333-6800 now to get a "we buy gold" quote.